Saturday, June 19, 2004

Bloomsday is over. A relief. Things went
better than expected. The three professors
were all interesting, the Men's Choir was
a huge success and the Sirens scene, told
in shadow puppets was creative and funny.
And the "musical" Portrait of the Artist,
disarmingly sincere.

After nine years of Bloomsday
Celebrations I think I'm ready for a break
next year. Though the end result was good,
the process this year was even more
frustrating than usual. I think none of us
enjoyed it.

Hearing all the reports of huge crowds
in Dublin, I quickly came to terms with
missing the JJ Conference. And at the end
of the day was glad to rest my head in
my own bed, my own room, my own

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Well, well, well, the big day is here. I find
myself thinking about the bookstore man
at Shakespeare & Co in Berkeley who
introduced himself to me one day after he
caught me perusing the Joyce section of the
store. HE'S at Bloomsday in Dublin today.
I'm here in Chico which is expected to reach
102 degrees today. You can see the forecast
for a beautiful day in Dublin in the sidebar
at the right.

A friend of mine who I thought would be at
Bloomsday today can't make it after all and is
stuck in Sacramento tonight, a place which
has some nice qualities though not much in
the way of culture. He writes about the
General Slocum disaster in his blog.

What does one do when there is no Joycean
place to go on June 16th? Pick up The Good
Book itself, read one of your favorite
passages - (page 27 to start:"ugly and futile:
lean neck and tangled hair"), then make an
offering of gratitude or a prayer of thanks.

Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Now available: The James Joyce Quiz Book.

Here’s an excerpt from the forward:

“In the following pages you will find a variety of
puzzles and quizzes designed to test your
knowledge of the major works of James Joyce....
There is one crossword for each, as well as
quizzes and word searches that pertain to the
books. Some quizzes are thematic and draw
from all the books: Food, Music, Irish History
and Joyce Miscellany.......

The book is meant to appeal to all levels of Joyce
readers. Some answers will be quite easy, some
will involve some digging, hopefully giving you
a pleasurable excuse to continue to explore the
writings of Joyce.”

The book is $5.00 plus $2.00 domestic shipping
or $3.25 for international shipping. Contact
Labryinth Press at P.O. Box 3834, Chico CA 95927
or you can send me an email if you’d like
additional ordering information:

Monday, June 14, 2004

There are tons of Bloomsday articles in the press
this week. Here’s an excerpt from the San
Francisco Chronicle

The strangest aspect of "Ulysses' " continuing
reputation, however, is not that an impossible
book has ossified in academia, but that it has
won devoted, non-academic fans more akin to
Trekkies than to literary snobs. Irish tourism
officials estimate 50,000 fans will make it to
Dublin this Bloomsday; a new film, "Bloom," with
Stephen Rea playing Joyce's long-suffering hero
Leopold Bloom, is playing in Europe; "Ulysses"
allusions turn up in such unexpected places as a
Dutch dance hit by the singer Amber and the films
of Slacker director Richard Linklater; a new
documentary, "Joyce To the World," gives a look
at Bloomsday celebrations on every continent. It
is June 16, not April 23 (Shakespeare's birthday)
or Feb. 23 (John Keats' death), that has become
the world's de facto literary holiday.

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