Saturday, April 03, 2004

So our first meeting went well. Held at the lovely
Latimer home over a meal of duck and wild rice,
all were in good spirits and everyone got along fine.

There was a good, if muddled, idea of staging a
scene from Joyce's birthday party in 1922 - also
the day he received his first copy of Ulysses - and
having all our Bloomsday pieces evolve from that
event. It was believed that there was a festive
party on that day. I think it was actually a small
dinner celebration at a restaurant but need to
look into it with Mr. Ellman.

Talk also of doing the opening Martello Tower
scene. We meet again next Thursday.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Our first Bloomsday meeting for 2004 will be
this Wednesday evening. I'm looking forward to
it mostly..... I just hope we can keep things civil
and not let egos get in the way.

I've become less tolerant of egomaniacs

So, I haven't given a lot of thought yet to
the music. I'd like to do a scene featuring
Croppy Boy interspersed with Bloom's lunch
thoughts but not sure how that would come

I usually use songs from all of Joyce's works
but may stick to Ulysses this year in honor
of the 100th anniversary. I'll decide after
I see what the others on the committee
have in mind.

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