Thursday, June 24, 2004

According to Cairde Na Gaillimhe of the
Galway Advertiser the Nora Barnacle Bridge
is in a sad state of disrepair:

Cairde has accused the Galway City Council
of failing to maintain the Nora Barnacle
Bridge on the riverwalk by the canal near
Bowling Green, where Nora Barnacle, James
Joyce's wife, grew up.

"Part of this bridge was destroyed by vandals
and thrown in the canal where it has been lying
ever since," according to a Cairde spokesperson.
"Since Galway aspires to be known as a city of
culture, we would request the city restore this
monument to one of its most fabled citizens."

The group has also called for the missing
lights along the riverwalk to be immediately
re-installed and maintained.

Monday, June 21, 2004

In the past week I've received four or
five emails from Shakespeare and Co.
in Paris, not one of which I have been
able to read - something about their
attachments makes them unreadable
( or something about my computer).

It's been frustrating but also fun imagining
what these emails might say.

Worst case scenario - They heard we had
an actress portraying Sylvia Beach at our
Bloomsday Celebration and they have
copyright issues a la Stephen Joyce.

Best case scenario - They've heard
about my great track record as a
former Tower Books employee and want
me to move to Paris and work at their

I'd happily accept, though I would be
just as happy working at the Berkeley
S & Co.

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