Thursday, April 29, 2004

Here’s an article (excerpt below) about the James
Joyce Ramble. I don’t understand why people do
things like this. What does running have to do
with James Joyce? If James Joyce were ever to
attend such an event he would be sitting on the
sidelines under a large beach umbrella with a
cold glass of chardonnay in his hands, not
jogging. Dedham isn’t the only town to hold a
Joyce run. Spokane does it, so does Seattle and
I imagine other misguided towns.

The James Joyce Ramble:
"Dressed in early 20th-century costume, actors
read from ''The Dead," ''Ulysses," and ''Finnegans
Wake" during the ramble, a 10K race
that combines organizer Martin Hanley's love
for running, Joyce, and acting.

Some actors worried that onlookers were more
interested in the running than the reading. But
participant Kate Carney, 69, managed to get the
full attention of several young children as she read
a passage from 'Finnegans Wake' about two
gossiping wash women cleaning the linen of a
cheating husband."

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