Thursday, March 11, 2004


Hip-Hop writer CHZA likens Notorious B.I.G.
to James Joyce in his column. You can find it
at Filter Magazine.

“ astounding, irrevocable truth: That
Biggie Smalls was the modern, Black rein-
carnation of James Joyce.”

CHZA insightfully sums up Mr. B.I.G. (and
Mr. Joyce) with a Sly and the Family Stone
reference: “He’s everyday people documenting
the everyday struggle”.

I don’t know much about B.I.G., but CHZA
and JAJ are off da chain.
I spoke with a friend from Chico's Bloomsday
committee yesterday. She is working on a script
for the opening scene of Ulysses - the tower
scene - which she thinks would be a good scene
for us to do this year.

I think so too, though the three gentlemen she
has in mind to perform are all in their mid-30s
or above. Stephen was 22 in Ulysses.

We'll have our first Bloomsday meeting later this
month. I vascillate between looking forward to it
and dreading it. The meetings can sometimes get
heated and confrontational due to egos. I hate
that part of it.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Damn the Times. I found a great article I’d like
to link to for you or even read myself but the
Times is subscription only.

The title begins:
Stephen Joyce: Protective grandson who
refuses to ...

The article, which ran on Feb 14, 2004, reads:
... his grandson called a press conference in a
pub in Zurich. While most Joyceans celebrate
the author on June 16 — Bloomsday — Stephen
Joyce insists that ...

You have to register AND PAY MONEY
to read the whole article

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