Monday, January 12, 2004

On January 13, 1941, James Joyce died,
following an operation for a perforated
duodenal ulcer. Below are excerpts from
the NY Times obituary, or you can read
the whole thing here if you don’t mind
taking the time to register.

January 13, 1941
James Joyce Dies; Wrote 'Ulysses'

The Associated Press
James Joyce, June 1939
URICH, Switzerland, Monday, Jan 13- James
Joyce, Irish author whose "Ulysses" was the
center of one of the most bitter literary
controversies of modern times, died in a
hospital here early today despite the efforts
of doctors to save him by blood transfusions.
He would have been 59 years old Feb. 2.

Joyce underwent an intestinal operation
Saturday afternoon at the Schwesternhaus
von Rotenkreuz Hospital. For a time he
appeared to be recovering. Only yesterday
his son reported him to have been cheerful
and apparently out of danger.

During the afternoon, however, the writer
suffered a sudden relapse and sank rapidly.
He died at 2:15 A.M. (8:15 P.M., Eastern
Standard time).

His wife and son were at the hospital when
he died..... (note: Nora & Stephen actually
arrived at the hospital after Joyce died.
He died alone.)

.....Was Born in Dublin

The writer was born Feb. 2, 1882, in Dublin,
Ireland, the son of John Stanislaus Joyce
(The Simon Dedalus of "Ulysses" whom Bloom
hears singing in the Ormond bar) and Mary
Murray Joyce. His father supposedly had one
of the finest tenor voices in Ireland. James
Joyce had an equally fine voice.....

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