Monday, March 01, 2004

Starting to think about Bloomsday 2004 in Chico.
Today I took a look at 2002’s list of song possibilities .

* indicates songs I ended up using

Bloomsday possibilities:

Girls choir: Rings on fingers*-fw or harrigan-fw

Mens choir-mcnamara’s band-fw
i’m a rambling wreck (son of a Gombolier)-fw

cruiskeen lawn-u/fw

KB - little brown jug-fw

Kim -sweet rosie o grady *-p/fw

ballynure ballad
all around my hat
bonny labouring boy-fw
croppy boy-u
de profundis-fw
for he’s a jolly good fellow-d/dead/fw
goodnight ladies-fw
marble halls-d
o you new york girls, can you dance the polka-fw
molly brannigan - u/fw/j
toot toot tootsie*-fw
turkey in the straw-fw
yes we have no banana- fw

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