Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Some people have no appreciation
of history as evidenced by this
article in the Telegraph entitled
Developers Threaten Joyce's Seafront.
The development referred to in the
article would include a huge shopping
area, concert venue and 180 flats taking over
the area Joyce described as: "Woodshadows
floated silently by through the morning
peace … Inshore and further out the
mirror of water whitened, spurned by
lightshod hurrying feet."

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Lovers of literature are fighting proposals
for a huge development that will dominate a
picturesque Victorian seafront which inspired
James Joyce's classic novel Ulysses....

..The plan involves reclaiming five acres
of the coastline for a 10-storey building
that will extend 200 yards into the sea,
dwarfing Regency and Victorian crescents....

...The port, which was created by the great
Scottish engineer John Rennie, has an emotive
place in Irish history. It was the scene of
great heartache as the main harbour for the
emigration of hundreds of thousands of people
to America....

Monday, May 23, 2005

Raising the Wind has a new Joyce
Message Board.

Very cool.

" By popular demand, we've established
a raising the wind message board where
visitors can post comments, share
information, or generally raise the
wind. You will notice that there is a
banner ad. That is the modest price that
this hosting service extracts from us.

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