Monday, June 14, 2004

There are tons of Bloomsday articles in the press
this week. Here’s an excerpt from the San
Francisco Chronicle

The strangest aspect of "Ulysses' " continuing
reputation, however, is not that an impossible
book has ossified in academia, but that it has
won devoted, non-academic fans more akin to
Trekkies than to literary snobs. Irish tourism
officials estimate 50,000 fans will make it to
Dublin this Bloomsday; a new film, "Bloom," with
Stephen Rea playing Joyce's long-suffering hero
Leopold Bloom, is playing in Europe; "Ulysses"
allusions turn up in such unexpected places as a
Dutch dance hit by the singer Amber and the films
of Slacker director Richard Linklater; a new
documentary, "Joyce To the World," gives a look
at Bloomsday celebrations on every continent. It
is June 16, not April 23 (Shakespeare's birthday)
or Feb. 23 (John Keats' death), that has become
the world's de facto literary holiday.

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