Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Well, well, well, the big day is here. I find
myself thinking about the bookstore man
at Shakespeare & Co in Berkeley who
introduced himself to me one day after he
caught me perusing the Joyce section of the
store. HE'S at Bloomsday in Dublin today.
I'm here in Chico which is expected to reach
102 degrees today. You can see the forecast
for a beautiful day in Dublin in the sidebar
at the right.

A friend of mine who I thought would be at
Bloomsday today can't make it after all and is
stuck in Sacramento tonight, a place which
has some nice qualities though not much in
the way of culture. He writes about the
General Slocum disaster in his blog.

What does one do when there is no Joycean
place to go on June 16th? Pick up The Good
Book itself, read one of your favorite
passages - (page 27 to start:"ugly and futile:
lean neck and tangled hair"), then make an
offering of gratitude or a prayer of thanks.

Have a lovely day.

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