Monday, April 19, 2004


I noticed something today. I often check
the index in Ellman’s Joyce bio to see if
Joyce has been through a similar exper-
ience to my own. Part of that is blog
related – wanting to write about something
I’m currently interested in but relating it
to Joyce. But today I remembered those
WWJD people . “What Would Jesus do?”
Could I be doing the same thing, but with
Joyce? Could I be obsessed?

I searched Google for a quiz titled “Are
you Obsessed” but all the quizzes were
topic specific, e.g. Are you obsessed with…
Clay Aiken, physical appearances, weblog
hits, sex.

Finally I found a Harry Potter quiz that
I thought I might be able to use, tweaking
the questions a bit to fit James Joyce.
Some of them were perfect as is:

10. Do you own more than one copy of
the books? Yes

18. Did you wear a costume? Twice

20. Do you find one of the characters
oddly attractive? Absolutely (Bloom)

21. Have you talked your friends into
reading the books? Yes

92. Do you participate in groups dedicated to
stopping such censorship? Yes

96. Have you ever bought overpriced
merchandise from e-bay? Yes

My score was 40% which qualified me as an
obsessed fan, though to my credit, there
were three higher categories that were more
obsessed than I. And actually, my plan is to
end this blog after Bloomsday this year.

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