Monday, August 07, 2006

A big day to day in legal history. It’s
the day that the case of United States
vs. One Book Entitled Ulysses by James
was found not to be obscene by the
Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.
(Judge Manton dissenting). For those of
you with Westlaw of Lexis access, here’s
the citation: 72 F.2d 705 (1934)

For those of you without, here’s
a bit more information and an excerpt:

But many passages show the trained hand
of an artist, who can at one moment
adapt to perfection the style of an
ancient chronicler,and at another become
a veritable personification of Thomas
Carlyle. In numerous places there are
found originality, beauty, and distinc-
tion. The book as a whole is not porno-
graphic, and,while in not a few spots it
is coarse, blasphemous, and obscene, it
does not, our opinion, tend to promote

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