Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Have recently discovered Savoy Comics and
their series of Hard Core Horror comics which
include James Joyce as a regular character. He
is described in one review as “mystically affected
sadist James Joyce”. (Surely Joyce was closer to
being a masochist than a sadist...)

I haven’t gotten a good grasp on the Lord
Horror series yet but here’s an excerpt
from a description:

"But the real shit started to fly in 1989,
when Savoy published Dave Britton's
own surreal and picaresque book Lord
Horror, a Burroughsian, Swiftian satire
recounting the exploits of various persons
in the form of distorted caricatures of
actual historical persons such as Cosimo
Matassa (who ran the New Orleans studio
where all the great black Rock'n'Roll
records of the '50s were cut: Little Richard,
Fats Domino, etc.), Hitler, and the
eponymous British wartime traitor 'Lord
Haw Haw'—William Joyce, here embodied
as Lord Horror."

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